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We're still, still here.

Yep, we really had hoped to be blogging on a super regular basis by now, but the hours and days and weeks seem to have slipped by. And this time we're trying to change some more projects right away, recipes, home stuff, work stuff, play stuff... Because lately it's been nothing but work work worrrrrrrrrk. That blink of an eye that some people call Springtime barely got noticed over here in the Everyday is a Holiday universe. Our big break in the day is when we sit out on the deck, drink lemon water, and feed nuts to our favorite squirrel early in the AM.  You guys figured that we partied hard, and you figured right! lolz

In our current day-to-day we've mainly been working very hard on shop orders.  And the good thing about doing the same things over and over like you see in the pic above, and doing it in your own home, is that you can listen to music as loud as possible...we're loving everything off of the new Portugal. The Man record.  Or we listen to e…

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We're still here

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